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Optimise Service

Use the CLEVER estimation framework to avoid the pain of losing money, time & customers resulting from bad price offers – invest in improving the way you calculate your price offers!

3Quence offers services which will:

  • Analyse your past offers
  • Provide a report on what improvements can be made
  • Benchmark with industry peers
  • Create an estimation verification model which will verify offer estimate prices based on past offers
  • Provide coaching, training & workshops to bring your business team up to speed

Contact 3Quence to relieve the pain of poor estimations with one of these formulas:

Service Identify/Bronze  Tackle/Silver  Predict/Gold
Company Analysis                                                    
Savings Report                                                    
Online coaching (2 hours)                                  
Focussed Workshop (4 hours)                
Focussed Workshop (8 hours)                  
Benchmark Analysis                
Verification Estimation Model                
Skype Session (2 hours)                
Company Visit or Skype Session (2 hours)                  

* Workshops and Skype sessions can be converted to consulting hours at no extra cost.


Benchmarking with your industry peers helps you to better compete in the marketplace.

3Quence has a benchmarking tool for IT projects and is currently working on extending this to non-IT projects.

Project size & effort can be estimated and benchmarked based on your past projects recorded in the 3Quence database and those of your industry peers.

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Save thousands of euro in costs by improving your work estimation.

Using the 3Quence estimation framework CLEVER, you can standardise your results. Read more here

Ongoing learning is vital in all companies. Estimation has been identified by 76% of companies as a weak area though very few actually invest in estimation techniques & skills. Consider taking part in one of our workshops to improve the way in which you estimate work within your company.

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